Security Glass as the name suggests is a prelude to a relatively secure glass environment that may hinder potential burglur or impact situations. Security Glass may be manufactured using poly vinyl butryl PVB or at times using toughned glass annealing with poly acrylic laminate.

Toughened Glass is manufactured using extreme heating and afterwards rapid cooling . It is normally used in architectural situtaions like balcony glass or staircases or whenever you may need a sturdier alternative to normall easy-to-brake glass.

Security Glass comes in many forms for example:-
  a) Normal window or door impact-resistent glass
  b) Bullet-resistant glass.
  This article is limited to normal impact-resistant security glass

Security Glass is useful for:-

1) Impact-resitant – can withstand direct hand tool impacts from axes, hammers, bricks etc for a few minutes

a thief at night

2) Preventive against ‘SMASH AND GRAB’ situations where a thief may try for a quick break, grab and run situation

elbow impact over glass

3) Useful in windows – can be substituted for grills and shutters.

shutter windows

4) Useful in more proctective situations like glass lift walls.

glass elevator

5) Useful in showcases/ jewellery stores and the like

Jewellery display

6) When broken it tends to not shatter and stays in place. Note that’s when it is broken from one side and when normal impact -resistant security glass is broken from both sides, then one may need a stronger security glass to hold it together.

shattered glass in place

7) Provides Peace of mind

serene environment

Toughened Glass is useful for:-

1) Glass tables, doors & windows.

glass table faint light

2) Less likely to break than normal annealed glass

kick glass break

3) Curved Staircases or curved cabinets

cuved lighted glass staircase

4) When broken, it normally is not a danger and breaks into small fragments

a broken glass

5) Privides strength as well as visibility

visibility through glass while raining

6) Showroom doors and cases

Green look glass showroom

7) Washrooms

plain finish white washrooom

8) To create divider effect in rooms

glass office door

9) Modular-Kitchen Cabinets or Wardrobes

kitchen cabinet L shaped

Security Glass Vs Toughened:- Security Glass is stronger than Toughened Glass but it’s usage is quite selective and under normal day to day circumstances wherever a liklihood of glass being broken is there, toughened glass should be enough protection.



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