Celebrate your kitchen-versary

Ayush and tara (name changed) came to us looking to change their 7 yr old kitchen. Upon going through their kitchen and realising their exhuberance for something fresh, we suggested that going through a whole new kitchen with new hardware may be more expensive and in-effect unnecessary for an already par performance kitchen hardware. As such, we decided to go in for a more vintage look, with new colour combinations in the rusty and copper realm for a more fresh and classic look.

We first advised, the change in wall colours, then the kitchen down shutters were advised for a change from mdf to ply in the clear laminate with a random design pattern. The upper shutters with glass were advised to be replaced with coloured glass either in the golden checkered or the clear dark brown-maroonish colour. To top it off, the slab top wall was advised to be added with a gold plated or black stainless steel or iron rods for a classic touch of utensils hangers still found in the older kitchens in the northern states of india.

A kitchen-anniversary or Kitchen-versary is something to be proud of and celebrated. We left with a note of an open kitchen for their ten year Kitchen-versary!


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How to work from home and make a home office

Thinking how to make a home office and work from home while retaining your productivity?

Think in terms of creating a balanced work environment in your home.

Converting your room into home office is not so difficult as one would suppose.

Technology changes rapidly – earlier we couldn’t even send a pdf file or a powerpoint presentation without first attaching it to an email service and then mailing it.

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10+ balcony design ideas: definitive guide to balcony decor

How would it look if you decorated your whole house with wonderful interior designs and left balcony decor out?

If you are thinking is balcony decor even important – think again! Balcony decoration is one of the most important criteria for beautiful outer appearance of your apartment. Continue reading “10+ balcony design ideas: definitive guide to balcony decor”

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How to recycle, dismantle & convert a double bed into 2 single beds or sofa

How do I convert a double bed into two single beds?

If your room has a double bed and you have been wondering can you convert it into two single beds? You would be surprised to know that it is not that uncommon for people to need to do that sometime or the other in their life. A carpentar will tell you how easy it is for him to do that. In fact, joining beds and separating them comes under their regular work process. Continue reading “How to recycle, dismantle & convert a double bed into 2 single beds or sofa”

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What is Vernacular Architecture?

Vernacular Architecture – Definition and Concept

Vernacular architecture theory broadly represents architectural non-conformity. The theory is that any form of architecture that does not follow the conformist recognised ways of architecture as taught generally by modern architectural literature is recognised under vernacular architecture. In vernacular architecture, the architectural work and composition does not constitute efforts by any professional architect(s), instead, it consists of any non-professional (though comprising of knowledge gathered whether locally, self-taught, observations under apprenticeship or otherwise of local materials and needs) architect, whose efforts whether in theory or practice, contribute to the construction and architectural work. Continue reading “What is Vernacular Architecture?”

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Home Decor Tips To Help Manage During COVID-19

COVID-19 and its Spread.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 disease has taken a grip over the world in a never before seen manner, at least since a few generations ( the virus that causes coronavirus disease is known as SARS-COV-2) .

Its impact has been so menacing that governments world wide have been left with only one available option – that of a complete lockdown. Lack of a proper medicine and vaccine in these trying times has forced the world to adapt to stay away while also bringing together the governments worldwide to a common cause.

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