Tv panels whether in a drawing room or bedroom is a overlooked category in itself. Though overlooked, it’s requirement cannot be less emphasised. A well organised tv panel is necessary to efficiently save space whilst making room for cables , set-top box, camera dvr and other such peripherals.

We all have seen how messy dth cables can be when left dangling on it’s own. Nowadays, camera dvr’s come with wireless technology and easily accessible through your phone. Such dvr’s are still not cheap and as such sparing a seperate screen for dvrs becomes an expensive deal. TV’s mostly come pre-installed with dvr port supports and are a cheaper alternative to seperate screens.

But how does one keep all these seperate boxes within reach of the tv port and how do we make space for all such peripherals? That is where tv panels come into ‘Play’.

A few seconds of google search and we can find dozens of pics of tv stand. For example-


While such panels are good to look at but making them using proper wood/ply would be quite an expensive feat where our primary objective has been to save up on costs not escalate them.

A cheaper alternative is what the heart looks for then. This could be surmised in the following way-

1. Instead of creating storage boxes and drawers, use wall-nailed boards.


2. Since MDF may not look that good, one can paste TEAK VENEER over it then hang the tv.


3. For cables use a round head drill bit to create clean cable spaces at the back well hidden by the already hanging tv.

4. Instead of PLY one can use MDF.

While the above would be a minimum in terms of looks, interiors demand different color schemes and tastes by different people. In such a scenario, a PVC back wall is recommended.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic wall back that may or may not cover your entire wall (upto choice and situation) and PVC parts basically lock into each other somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle might do. They come in variety of colour combinations and designs.

A trendy PVC wall followed by a hanging tv panel and minimum of two MDF drawers or caninets in a properly lit room can really raise your room decor to Natty levels!

designer wall pvc tv hanging

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