An important part of home decor is the furniture and its placing. Our partners in timber business, help us secure the best of wood according to our clients’ needs. We generally don’t outsource our furniture.

blue console
blue console in metal finishing
round table in good color combination
color combination to add luxury

A Custom sized Diwan in the making:-

A completely modular diwan!







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designer center table in zig zag design
Zig Zag Centre Table – Natty Original
center table in golden paint
Golden polish

Furniture Designs Services in Delhi & Gurgaon

We are one of the top furniture designers based in delhi, gurgaon and noida. We provide custom furniture designs services. You can even order furniture online in delhi with us. High quality work and creative designs are synonymous with our luxury furniture lineup.

Natty Decor offers superb finishes with ethnic furniture designs. You can buy ethnic furniture in delhi online from our shop. When you are searching for ethnic furniture near me you will find that we serve elegant designs for a variety of decor purposes.

Custom Furniture Online in Delhi is one of the best custom furniture websites in India. We as interior designers and furniture designers are uniquely qualified to create perfect harmony amongst your home decor elements.

Custom furniture designs means that it is especially designed to suit a particular space. It can also be an original design. It’s a special product that blends perfectly in your living room or kids room. We are an original furniture company.

Wood furniture Online Delhi

Natty decor is a manufacturer that utilises genuine wood furniture. High quality wood furniture is something that remains life long. We also offer antique designs that go well with your home style. is a company that offers original designs via their stylish furniture online shop.

Furniture Style

We are a website that offers stylish designs catering to different furniture and fixtures. Forms and fixtures are what define the outline of a product.

Our luxurious products are sprinkled with natural polishes, good materials and superb quality. We experiment with decor elements like glass, wood covered luxe fabrics, aesthetics to bring forth a larger view to projects.


We use uncompromising high class materials that create a benchmark for luxury products. A highly creative custom furniture design requires the expertise of skilled artisans. Our craftsmen and carpenters offer seamless designs to form well finished furniture.

A furniture with good quality wood shall always be a good investment. We are proficient furniture manufacturers. Natty Decor use high gloss coatings, soft fabrics and make comfortable furniture for you.

For instance, we even experiment with natural materials for a more earthy look to your furniture and fixtures. We are a high end furniture store based in delhi.

Product Designers

To give perfect and bespoke decoration to any room, whether commercial or residential, a good handle on product designing is essential.

We are furniture designers based in delhi. Besides, we are expert interior designers. For interiors, one has to make custom designs of products and likewise we put this expertise to our furniture and furnishings as well.

The main issue to any best design is the ability to innovate. The confidence to innovate luxury that goes along with contemporary, modern, colonial furniture designs is our plus point.

A proficient interior decorator with good grasp of modern styles can be a real winner for superb bespoke furniture designs. Besides, it also helps in revamping your home decoration.

For instance, a simple act as an antique designer shelf can be considered to be a centrepiece asset.

Furniture Products

Natty Decor is a furniture shop that sells quality furniture pieces. Some of the pieces are made to serve as centerpiece furniture. They are so original and unique in their luxury design concept that they go well with living room, drawing room, bedroom, house.

We make a variety of contemporary designs. Similarly, is an online furniture store that excels in modern furniture designs as well.

We are manufacturers of beds, almirah or “almari”, designer wardrobes, 4-door wardrobes, center tables, sofas, tables, dining tables, coffee tables and new original furniture pieces.

Ingenious designs mark the highly creative side of our furniture designers in delhi. A best original furniture company is what one should look for, for desirable results.

A good color, paint, seamless finish, polyester polish, high end work is what defines a good manufacturer when you are searching for furniture markets in delhi that tend to your needs.

Our Portfolio

1. Bed

Big part of bedroom furniture is the bed. Top furniture designers in delhi are adept at moulding a bed according to the bedroom size. Designer beds with custom fitted headboard and aesthetics with soft tones are the new design trends.

  1. To illustrate, a very big bed in small bedroom would seem inadequate. In such a case, a diwan with low ground clearance will look much more beautiful.
  2. Similarly, an antique bed finish can go quite well with colonial set up. Such fine points that emphasise the neat lines of a space, is what a best interior designer or best furniture designers should be naturally able to handle.

2. Sofa

A spotless and neat environment is preferred whether in office furniture or home furnishings. Sofa fabrics with traditional royal designs go well with high end luxury sofa pieces. A soft fabric that is smooth to touch like velvet with the right colour choice can really bring out the elegance of a place.

The lines that define a sofa structure can be sharp or soft depending upon the work situation. Natty Decor are sofa manufacturers based in delhi. Go through our selection of sofas on our online store and buy sofa from there or contact us for custom sofa set orders.

In fact, natty decor is a top sofa maker company based in delhi that specialises in all forms of sofa process. Indeed, we are a famous sofa brand as our designs are unique to individual choice.

Sofa manufacturering has many aspects

  1. Wood furniture sofa We make sofa in true and genuine wood. Therefore, you can expect a longer life when made using quality wood.
  2. Sofa bed We also offer sofa designs with reasonable prices to suit all budgets. Sofa beds are useful in co-living environments or smaller spaces. They come under transforming furniture which makes them quite functional to usage. Order sofa bed online at our online store.
  3. Sofa chair Natty decor are top furniture manufacturers in delhi, gurgaon & noida and can also make a sofa design in such a manner that it exudes the look of a chair. Functionally, the softness remains that of a comfortable sofa.
  4. Luxury brand we are one of the most famous brands for furniture in india and use high quality materials upon client’s demand for our finishings. Italian fabrics and imported wood are used.
  5. Sofa covers the covers of a sofa define the overall elegance of a bedroom or home. The colour of sofa cover fabric is an equally important measure to accentuate a display. Interior decoration involves choosing good sofa cover cloths that adjust to the needs of a client.

3. Chairs

While designing chairs the right mix and match of paint and polish colors can act as wonders. For example, the colonial look with a tone of greenish silver tint for dining tables and chairs gives a royal look.

Chairs are used for different purposes-

  1. Chairs for office need to be designed for long hours of sitting comfort. Such chairs are called ergonomic chairs. Ergnomically designed chairs with right price point are what large project orders consist of.
    You will find the online price of these chairs are quite high end than what you are expecting. Office chairs designs sometimes demand high price for special custom mould especially made to fit a particular client. Natty decor offers good chairs at cheap prices.
  2. Chairs for homeneed to be more long lasting. Moreover, one naturally always wants new designs and better furniture for their personal use. Hence, whether you are looking for rocking chairs, dining table chairs, dining table set, home office chairs, wooden chairs, accent chairs natty decor offers good services.

Natty decor is one of the best office furniture manufacturers and interior designers company in India.

4. Tables

If you are a fan of good table finishes and beautiful furniture designs, then our designers shall be more than willing to custom create such products for you. Quality table and chairs light up a living room like no others since they can take a substantial area of your decor.

  1. Table and chair set we offer a fully furnished table and chair set to go along with your rooms. Mostly people consider a dining table set as a complete set . It can also be a perfectly designed, high on aesthetics coffee table or centre table.
  2. Centre table is the centerpiece of your living room gathering. Just like a highlighted wall is the accent point of a bedroom, similarly, a center table can be the main centerpiece where you sit and relax with your family. You can even have a centre table with chairs as a centerpiece in your balcony.
  3. Study Table for kids is an important aspect to a kids room. However, study table designs should offer an adequate space for storage like books or files and comfortable reading space. Not just for kids, in fact, study table is also used as a work table by people bringing their office home

Natty decor is one of the best furniture manufacturers in delhi delivering on furniture that is on par with Italian style furniture.