We at nattydecor.com are manufacturers of top quality mother of pearl tables & furniture. Our Mother of pearl inlay furniture work in delhi, India is a sight to behold.

We also customise mop furniture according to custom designs and sizes. Mother of pearl wooden furniture inlay as well as mop marble inlay can be made to order. We use good materials like polyester coatings which provide long life to your designs. At natty decor mother of pearl furniture for sale is of top quality.

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Mother of pearl side table with polyester, designer veneer – Rs, 95,899
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Mother of pearl Inlay

You can create beautiful multi sided inlays on any furniture to make it look appealing. The extraordinary designs by our artisans based in Delhi and gurgaon will add a colourful display to your home.

Handcrafted mother of pearl furniture inlays can be used in bed headboards, console tables, centre tables, drawers, almirahs, cabinets, tv units, coffee tables, side tables and so on.

Variety of Mother of Pearl furniture India

We at natty decor offer different mother of pearl looks for your home decor. We offer handcrafted designs like peocock or flower mother of pearl patterns on furniture surface and carvings.

Colors in Mother of Pearl

Different colors can be added to different mother of pearl (“seep”) pieces to match your surroundings. However, such colors can uplift the overall ambiance of the place. For example, you can mix a reddish color to an otherwise white mother of pearl design to match the surrounding walls or furniture covers. Similary, green mother of pearl or blue and black can be arranged or created.

Mother of Pearl Console Table

Console tables ranging from a bigger piece to just a small but attractive one essentially highlight an empty space. When mop handcrafted special inlays are added to the table, they can act as a centre piece to the whole room space. Luxury is just a call away.

Inlay Centre tale, chairs, stool

Nattydecor.com provides the best quality mother of pearl furniture pieces for your centre tables, chairs, stool, side tables, dresser, cabinet, bedroom decor. Our uniqueness and stylish smart creations furnish your home with comfortable luxury. Inlaid mother of pearl furniture is of breath taking view if you will.

Korean mother of pearl

We offer good designs that creatively push the limits of smart decor – be it tv tables, display pieces, book shelves and what not. Our small designs match with carvings to create a larger than life look on your cabinets. An asian inlay or antique chinese patterns energizes the room with historical and classic aura. Syrian and egyptian mother of pearl furniture can be sought out.

Black lacquer inlay furniture

Differnt people have different choices and tastes. To cater to these, we diverisify our portfolio with varied decorative options – black lacquer, red lacquer. Hence, we include antique and classical decor that bring about a royal overal look.

Painted Mop furniture

Vintage furniture can be create using a smart combination of paints with faded tint. Similarly, inlay vintage when crafted on any piece brings about the desired appearance for example when looking for a retro look, a design thats more wide with black and white combination or pink and white is preferred.

Custom made

We offer customisation options to suit every individual. Suppose, you are looking for best mother of pearl designs to go along with your home decor, you can customise furniture. This helps maximise space and provides customer satisfaction at wholesaler rates.

Why choose Natty Decor for Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture?

Natty decor gives varied design furniture options that suits every individual. Where to buy mother of pearl furniture is what probably brought you to us, our first hand care to every craft makes us your online store. Modern mother of pearl designs us use bones and horns as well. We offer long lasting furniture by adding multiple polyester coatings. Our mop prices at dealer rates are great in offer.