How would it look if you decorated your whole house with wonderful interior designs and left balcony decor out?

If you are thinking is balcony decor even important – think again! Balcony decoration is one of the most important criteria for beautiful outer appearance of your apartment.

This article shall list out different ways in which you can design your balcony area and make it stand out in front of your neighbours

Balcony outdoor area is a place where you can relax on a hot sunny day and rake in the hot sun. You can also make use of your balcony as a eating area and have barbecue get-togethers with your family on balcony terrace.

Balcony definition

Oxford dictionary defines balcony as

a platform that is built on the upstairs outside wall of a building, with a wall or rail around it. You can get out onto a balcony from an upstairs room.

Oxford Learners Dictionary

Simple descriptive meaning of balcony is a structure or floor that protrudes outside a building and has a protective structure like a railing or a short cemented block built around in.

Meaning of balcony in hindi would be a छज्जा (‘Chhajja‘) or आलिन्द (‘aalind‘).

Balcony vs Verandah

In regular manner of speaking, we often consider veranda the same as balcony. But in design terms, there is a difference between the two.

Verandah is not the same as balcony. The difference is that –

  1. Balcony is not on the ground floor whereas verandas is.
  2. Veranda has a roof and balcony may or may not.
  3. veranda may be an elevated extension of ground floor. Balcony is extension of the of upper floor.


Balcony Design

If you are wondering how to design a balcony or in hindi – ‘balcony ke design‘, then you have come to the right place. We will explore different ways of balcony decoration and for different situations.

For example, we can make a balcony garden, add a balcony swing, decorate balcony for indian homes when you have functions like ‘mehndi‘, ‘shaadi‘ (marriage) etc

For special funcitons like marriages, ‘mehndi‘ etc auspicious colors like red or every popular green can be utilised in wall paints, hanging decor elements, lighting etc

Balcony Decor Ideas

The following are detailed interior design & decor ideas for your home balcony-

1) Balcony roof designs

You can enhance look of a balcony with something as simple as a Plaster of Paris curved design on the ceiling.

For the roof, you can attach a designer fabric balcony awning or similar structures as a balcony cover roof supported by metal rods and protruding outside the balcony.

Balcony cover roof and balcony awning is usually made of materials like vinyl, aluminium, fibre glass with elegant designs or patterns.

During those hot sunny days when you wish to be under no sun, the balcony cover roof is a miracle helper providing you shade from the sun. Balcony awning also protects you from rain.

balcony awning adding to balcony decor
   A balcony awning

You can even go for a wood panelled roof or ceiling. Wooden ceilings is a prominent balcony roof idea to turn around your outer balcony design. However, one must note that adding wood panels is not a cheap balcony design makeover.

When looking for balcony designs for a small house, it is quite likely your balcony is also small especially if it is attached to a small bedroom area.

However, very small balconies with wood panels without similar patterns or panels on nearby balconies to compliment it, may not appear that good.

You can read about patterns here.

Moreover, in rented apartments, it makes little sense to spend extravagantly for luxurious balcony designs.

2) Balcony Garden Designs

Interior design trends keep on changing and the latest is the desire for your own personal balcony garden. Balcony garden layout is a consideration that people nowadays are so excited about.

They have multiple questions regarding the balcony landscaping, balcony lawn decor or simply just on having a garden in their balcony

What is a balcony garden?

When you decide to create a garden environment in your balcony, it is known as a balcony garden.

Balcony gardens can be anything. Do not try to overthink the concept or idea of a balcony garden

Simply put, you can go ahead and create a rectangular box structure over the floor a feet in height with bricks and then fill it with manure to start working on your balcony garden.

If that is not your cup of tea, you can just keep potted plants in your balcony for a garden look.

a balcony garden
   A simple balcony garden

Can I have a balcony garden in delhi in my home?

Quick answer – Why not?

As mentioned above, balcony garden can be anything – you can even keep artificial grass over the balcony floor layout or use artificial grass structures or artificial plants in pots and also hang artificial grass on balcony garden walls to give your balcony a trendy garden look.

Maintenance of your garden

Maintaining a natural balcony garden would not be cheap. Its best to hire a regular gardener to upkeep your flowers, water the plants and cut the grass.

If you yourself are a whiz and a hobbyist with ample experience then, it may save you some bucks.

You need to invest your time as well to maintain a natural garden.

Your Balcony a Zen Garden

A garden is always a place where you want to feel calm. It is your zen place. Studies show that greenery does have a serene and calming effect on humans.

You can place a nice rug in your balcony or create a separate garden seating built-in against the wall to enjoy your beautiul balcony garden filled with say orchid flowers.

3) Balcony Seating Ideas

As mentioned above, a good balcony remodelling idea as far as seating is concerned, is having a built-in seating area.

One can have a built-in seating area made of cement normally placed against a wall. One may also build a seating area around the balcony arch at the front area of the balcony.

When a balcony architecture is curved, creating a seating area along the curve greatly accentuates your balcony decor.

However, your balcony view should not be obstructed.

Balcony View

When deciding the seating for your balcony, the most important factor to consider is the balcony view.

All your decor elements and furnitures should generally be pointed towards the best view possible.

This also becomes your central balcony view. You can lie down and gaze into the stars only when you have a beautiful night balcony view.

balcony furniture in garden with foldable chairs
   Foldable chairs-space saving, easy to carry & directed towards the central view


The furniture in your balcony can be something as simple as foldable outdoor chairs and tables.

Place those chairs with a small round table and an umbrella over the top, facing the central view for an easy going decor placement that leaves your balcony feeling spacious.

Suitable placement of balcony furniture can enhance how you perceive and functionally utilise your home decor ten fold.

For example, When you feel like having your own separate space, you can place balcony furniture away from the limelight towards the corner and enjoy a quiet reading area.

corner placing of furniture
   Creating a separate private area with furniture placement-also recycling a wooden stump

4) Balcony Kitchen

Were you aware that it is also possible to utilise the balcony area for a kitchen or part of it thereof?

Best architects and interior designers in south delhi and gurgaon will always suggest to utilise any extra outdoor balcony space and put it into good use.

To clarify, a balcony kitchen need not be an entire kitchen placed outside, it may also be a kitchen that is just adjacent to your open balcony.

In multi-storeyed apartment complexes you almost always find the kitchen attached to a small window or a door leading to a balcony.

an outdoor balcony kitchen
   An outdoor balcony kitchen

This balcony is generally utilised for kitchen chimney smoke emissions. We can also utilise the attached balcony by creating say, a dish-washing area there. We may also use the space for barbecue sessions with our family.

You can also create a small balcony dining area to go along with the kitchen

an outdoor balcony eating area
   An outdoor balcony eating area attached to a kitchen

5) Hanging Decor

To decorate a balcony, we can use decor elements such as plants hanging from the ceiling, wind chimes or other similar decorative products.

Wind chimes are a feng shui element. They produce sound via wind and are considered to bring positivity and purification to your home.

Wind chimes can be considered to be small ‘jhumars‘ (chandeliers). Any other chandelier like product like hanging lamps are a boon to your overall decor.

hanging plants from balcony ceiling
   Plants hanging from balcony ceiling

6) Wedding decor ideas for balcony

In India, during festivities like ‘mehndi’ or marriage at home, people like to decorate the wedding house with lovely ornaments, statues and colorful decorations.

With so many guests and relatives visiting the marriage house, it becomes essential to have the outdoor decoration inviting.

During such times, balcony walls are decorated with auspicious colors of red. Beautiful plants and bouquets with red and white roses are laid across the balcony arch.

Lovely bright lights are found hanging from the ceiling or across the balcony railing. During festivals like diwali, we similarly decorate the balcony with ‘diyas‘ (oil lamps) and electrical lights.

We can also hang welcoming signs mentioning the bride and groom names across the balcony railing and walls.

7) Swing Chairs for balcony

When designing the interior decor of a balcony, we can sprinkle in comfortable while trendy outdoor furniture elements like a swing chair or a rocking chair.

A swing chair can either be a rotating swing chair or a a conventional outdoor swing . Rotating swing chairs are actually the ‘in thing’ nowadays. You can easily buy swing chair from your local dealer.

swing chair that rotates
   A rotating swing chair

The conventional outdoor balcony swing chair or a balcony jhoola, when made of antique wooden look materials, really accentuates your outdoor look.

swing chair white color non-rotating
   The conventional swing chair


If you have a big enough balcony you can even consider tying up a hammock for bedroom like relaxation. Tie one end to a window sill and the other to a sturdy railing or wall nail with a rope and take your beauty nap.

You can read more about hammocks and their types here.

hammock on a balcony
   Hammock tied to a balcony

Where can I buy balcony swing chairs?

In delhi, you can buy swing chairs from munrika or a furniture store at kirti nagar market. If you reside in gurgaon, you can buy swing chairs from ghitorni market.

8) Balcony wall design ideas

To decorate your balcony wall, you may hang potted plants or artificial grass from the wall. A decorative wall sticker is also suitable when tastefully chosen in contrast to the wall paint.

When choosing to paint, it would be wise to choose water proof paint or do waterproofing. One can very easily hang decorative art forms and paintings from the wall.

designer wall frame
   A designer wall frame can be hung onto the balcony wall

How about creating spaces inside walls to place your plants? You can also creates shelves and place your stuff over it.

How about hanging a rug over the wall?

wall shelves
   Wall shelves

9) Balcony tile design ideas

Floor tiles for balcony come in varied patterns – checks, criss-cross tiles, wooden look tiles, garden look tiles and so many more. Check out your local tile dealer for readily available tiles.

One can use tiles not only on the floor but also on walls to improve upon the appearance. If you are planning to move heavy furniture regularly, choosing strong tiles is recommended.

How about square tiles in contrasting colors like black and grey or rectangular with reddish brown and maroon contrast?

Earthy colors look good on balconies. Earthy colors are colors with brownish tones like brown, orange, reddish brown, yellowish brown, grey. Use anti-skid vitrified tiles on floors for better protection.

balcony with orange tiles
   Balcony with earthy color flooring

10) Balcony railings and doors

The railings of balcony are generally of brick and cement or metal. But you can redecorate your balcony by adding glass railing covers as well. If your house is built using modern architectural designs or latest interior designs then there is a good chance glass railings will match the overall design idea.

modern architecture using glass railings
   Modern architectural house with glass railings

However, before making any architectural changes you need to consult an architect. You also need to take the requisite permissions from the designated authority to make changes.

Also note that you need to be sure that your building can withstand the changes and that it is technically viable to make the changes.

vintage balusters as railingss for balcony decor
   Vintage balcony railings

One can also bind and install ceramic plant pots onto a sturdy railing. In such a case, a separate holder for plants is attached across the railing to share the weight.

railings with installed plants
   Railings with installed potted plants

Balcony doors

Your balcony can be with a door that connects it to the main house or a balcony with no doors allowing an open access. For added look, you can also use sliding doors with glass windows and colored wooden frames.

11) Balcony lighting

You can accessorise your balcony with fluorescent ceiling lights covered behind semi-transparent light covers for a dim look. Dim lights also look good during night time and create a cosy environment.

You may also hang chinese hanging lamps or use led light strings safely tied under the balcony awning. Awning light hide the led visibility from the outdoors and gives a visually stunning look inside.

metal lantern hanging from balcony
   Beautiful hanging lantern of metal glowing dimly


Interior Designing a particular space and delivering upon the design takes a lot of effort and attention to details. One should always take help from professional architects or reputed interior design firms and utilise their advice and expertise to prevent accidents.

Balcony design is an important step for better home decor. Hope this article has been of some help to you.

Note: To prevent injury and loss of any kind please always hire professionals for any kind of home renovation fulfilling proper regulatory requirements. Kindly go through our website disclaimer at page footer.

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