All sales of products and/or services on this website are final. No refunds will be issued. We truly believe in giving more than receiving and each of our products and services are designed by keeping this core principle in mind. The prices are intentionally kept reasonably low as compared to market value to give you the products, services, tools and information you need at an affordable cost.

We specialize in customization and once an order gets placed, the materials involved are liable to get wasted. Please be sure before placing the order. Having said that, at our sole discretion, we may entertain reasonable requests & may issue partial refunds. But please note, our general policy is of no refunds / returns.

Where we issue partial refunds at our sole discretion and after deducting our costs, please note that for such refunds and/or cancellation, please inform us in writing upto a maximum of 2 hours after placing a furniture order and maximum of 24 hours after placing an interior / modular kitchen order.

No Returns

Please be aware that we take special care of your orders. Quality monitoring happens regularly. We offer no returns unless special circumstances like broken product are there and that too at our sole discretion.

Having said that, it has been our constant endeavour to accomodate our clients for a pleasant experience.