Top Office Interior Designers in Delhi NCR

We are one of the best office interior designers in Delhi NCR, India. Natty is known for its innovative design structures and inputs. That is why Natty Decor is most well-recognized interior designing firm for office interiors. Our exquisite ideas are well-planned and executed. This enables Corporate Interiors to be spaced out for maximum efficiency.

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Corporate Interiors With Quality Control

Our Workplace ideas bring harmony to your overall ambience. Natty always strives to create a genuine environment that blends smoothly across your room. Quality control and maintenance is one of the most important criteria that we keep in mind. Our designers first of all, take a good grasp of the available space and the desired outcome. After that, we visualize and draw the model that can be transformed into a working real world idea.

We provide drawings in 2d and 3d. However, having a good 2d or 3d view for office is not enough. It is equally prudent to decide the measurements while keeping the overall effectiveness intact. To that regard, we make use of latest technologies and advanced machinery . Outstanding workmanship is need with minute attention to detail. Our team keeps regular track of the progress of the project and make changes as and when needed. We regularly consult with costumers and provide high quality pleasing effect pertaining to their satisfaction.

Timely Deliverance Within Budget

Our team of experts make use of new and exclusive materials that add a tasteful elegance to corporate interior decoration. Our representatives are in regular touch not only with you but also with the different artisans working on your project. This makes sure that impressive overall deliverance is possible.

A big project like corporate office requires a professional decorator. When you handle multiple aspects by yourself, then you are prone to get lost in the maze of seating arrangements, paint colors, decor elements etc. Not just that, the continuous changing environment of the human factor like carpenters, wood workers, carvers, painters, polish expert etc makes it confusing.

As such, is an interior designing company based in Delhi & Gurgaon that resolves your project considerations. It becomes our work to make sure that everything falls into place in your corporate space. Since we already have a team of professionals in place, we are able to harmonize the renovation process of workplace easily.

Your work premise project needs to be delivered on time. This is because most of the time you shall be incurring extra overhead expenses like rent and salary and electrical and other costs. Natty helps on timely deliverance. We moderate a perfect spacing solution – uniquely crafted and affordably priced for an outstanding experience.

Smart Office – Automation

In today’s world, designers combine technology with materials and elements. This helps to optimize performance. Technological advancement and smart devices have helped us come closer. This has also, in effect, provided us with varied monitoring solutions.

Workrooms are easily monitored using cameras that are suitably aligned along the ceilings. Lighting cost is saved using sensor technology. Also, companies use sensors to know where the employees are at a particular time. This provides an easy to use and calculable solution to productivity hours.

Automation while planning interiors has helped businesses save on their energy costs. Unlike before, automatic solutions switch off your lighting and prevent water wastage in bathrooms. It is also possible to analyze the amount of heating actually needed during winters and use that to increase productivity. Apps help to prevent time wastage by knowing when a meeting room shall be available. Such kind of internet of things connectivity can be demanded for a more fruitful experience.

Functional Office Design & Decor

Best ideas for office design always take into regard the functional effect. Natty helps to boost the overall feel of the space making sure to sprinkle vital functional elements. Such elements improve the employee morale and help to increase productivity and business.

Re-modelling a meeting space has to be done so that there is adequate area available for vital discussions. We deliver and make available elements for presentations and table placements. Even if you have a small space, then custom furniture manufacturing and designing can be done.

Ergonomic Chairs & Furniture designs

We customize convertible furniture to save space. For example, making a table that shrinks and later can be elongated to accommodate a larger staff. Ergonomic Office chairs are needed for longer hours of sitting performance.

Natty creates simple yet stylish cubicles with well-defined partitions or structures to give a clean and clear outlook. In turn, this minimizes clutter and helps your employees focus better.

Partitions can also be of glass or any other unique hanging or standing wooden structure. Metal structures with golden tint have become quite popular lately at office entrances near the reception. Name of the company in big Bold stylized letters and neon lighting is more visible.

Walls, Flooring and Storage recommends beautiful vinyl flooring and laminated cabinets for space management. We also suggest small kitchen/pantry storage areas with proper ventilation for quick snacks while working. Another important area of consideration is the lightning. Lighting needs to be proper. White light is mostly the preferred choice. We use accent colors to highlight walls and structures. You can go for dull ambient lighting in washrooms. We make sure that adequate spacing is available for office equipment & tools. We suggest useful tiles and carpets that project a clean image and prompt quicker staff movements.

Luxury Patterns and Lines and created to make the overall space look wider. We also provide contemporary work spaces that use modern methods like working from home or collaborating with other businesses. Different ideas for working from home are provided using minimalist decor. Modern methods are more prone to providing employee flexibility from traditional ideas deliverance. As such whether your workplace is in home , mall, medical or any other institution, we make extraordinary interiors depending upon the requirements.

Best Office Interiors

We deliver purely functional designs. So when you are looking for personalized workrooms tailor made for your organization, you know who to call. The potential of decor like colors in an environment affects how we react to it. A more inviting look makes us feel welcome and open minded. This results in better potential to reach goals. Our serene and subtle color combination and lighting ambience keeps staff focused on their own work load. People handling similar projects should be placed together and exchange of files and other materials should be made easy. We are adept at handing such interiors. Whether you are in Delhi NCR or Gurgaon, Natty is there for you!