Best Turnkey Contractors / Designers Firm in Delhi NCR & Gurgaon

We are one of the leading Turnkey Interior Designers based in Delhi NCR, India.
Being one of the most reputed and looked out for, we undertake turn around interior design projects regularly. When we take up total projects, we become the one stop shop for all your needs. From conceptualizing to deliverance – we execute complete interior solutions with perfection. Natty Decor is one of the top turnkey interior contractors for both commercial and residential projects.

✅ Complete Solutions ✅ Innovative ✅ Turnkey Projects ✅ Timely Deliverance

What Does Turnkey Mean?

It implies a total approach. It means when you give out the complete order to a single person or company. For example, there is a room say your bedroom that you wish to remodel or design, then you can either give out order for your curtains, tiles, furniture etc to separate shops or give the whole work order to a single vendor. Natty Decor is such a designing company which delivers Total Projects.

Complete Solutions in Delhi

Natty is an interior designing firm which gives proper regards to customer’s needs. We understand that it is not possible in today’s world to do everything yourself. After all, “no man’s an island” – Just one person cannot manage multiple areas just by himself. That is where we come in. We carry out all the contractual interior obligations with ease. This is possible because of our contacts and professional team.

Turnkey Home Interior Projects in Delhi & Gurgaon

Since you are on our page, it is quite possible you must be looking to plan your residence design. Natty Decor always hopes and tries its best to provide your home space with maximum utility. We give effective ideas that lead to better space utilization and more creative project design solutions within your price budget. Even if your have lesser space, we suggest attractive minimalist designs.

Our Classical, Victorian design solutions are a sight to behold. We decorate your bedroom, living room, bathroom, kids room. We even do outdoors like your landscapes and exteriors like balcony decor. We also make modular kitchens.

Our complete project solutions are available for villas, apartments, bungalows. Best is that Natty always has customer vision in consideration and plans according to their requirements. When you wish to turn your home into a home gym or a home office, you know whom to call. A lovely and luxurious experience awaits you!

Turnkey Office / Commercial Interior Designers in Delhi

Office styling has to be functionally effective. Office requires adequate space management. Not just that, proper color combination and their choice is also a must because dull colored environment can make your employees gloomy and reduce productiveness. offers complete turnkey interior contract services in Delhi. We also furnish your office, boutique, restaurant, gym etc. All of this is done in a timely manner. Our commercial endeavors encompasses wide range of services. For example, we design Clothing stores, Boutiques, Restaurants, Institutions, Showrooms, educational institutes, Office, Factories, Hotels and a wide range of other areas. Our clients get intelligent and space maximizing outcomes that help make their business run comfortably. Creative and illustrious deliverance with proper fit outs is where we excel at.

Why hire a turnkey contractor?

Dividing the work between multiple vendors requires a lot of effort. Not just that, it also requires a cohesive coordination between the different contractors. Moreover one contractor may finish his part of the project before the other but you cannot move onto the next phase because the other vendor failed to produce results. This is why it is best to hire a professional expert who is able to deliver all the project parts as needed upon time. is an interior designing company that you hire for a complete turnkey experience. You do not have to spend time and effort struggling with carpenters or painters and telling them what to do. We take care of it. We have our affiliated and tried and tested team of carpenters, painters, glass sellers, glass fitters, electricians that finish their work accordingly. This makes the process flow smooth and timely deliverance becomes possible. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about the materials like polish, paint, wallpaper, tiles etc involved. We procure these for you and put them to work. We even customize the furniture and furnishings for your commercial & residential interior projects whenever required.

For original ideas, creative materials and structures like golden aluminum or steel for budget constraint are used in place of brass. High quality steel grade like SS 304 are used. Fittings and fit outs in windows, doors and other places are carried out by the team itself. In fact you get bound by a contract fees that is already decided and you do not have to worry about negotiating prices over and over.

When you desire world class luxury, experience and comfort, Call Natty Decor.