Modular kitchen design portfolio

image of a beautiful modular kitchen in blue tint
Beautiful painted furniture for kitchen decor
A designer table with luxurious granite elements
Granite Countertop with wooden look
island kitchen with marble countertop
Marble countertop look – Island Kitchen
Island kitchen with light effects
Another Island kitchen with island sink

Examples of built-in appliances :-

frontal image of acrylic kitchen
image which shows acrylic color changes to white
ACRYLIC – Looks different under different lighting conditions
image of built in oven and microwave appliances
Built-In Microwave and Oven!
Image of chimney that is desginer and slanting with griller and stove on the slab

Hydraulic Moving Corners and Drawers!

Soft closing doors, drawers and corners!
A kitchen room in smooth bright white colored laminate and tables
modular kitchen grey marble

Attention to Detail:- Our Client required anything with sharp edges should not protrude out so we went the distance and found these perfectly smooth handles directly from the factory:-

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Modular Kitchen Designers in Delhi & Gurgaon

We are one of the top modular-kitchen designers & decorators based in Delhi & Gurgaon. The importance of a good kitchen cannot be overlooked in today’s modern times.

Whether it is high quality wooden cabinetry or glossy paints with glass finish, a beautiful kitchen boosts up our appetite like no others.

We at natty decor offer amazing designs for your luxury kitchen. Our luxurious kitchen design services in delhi are well recognised.

We offer complete furnished kitchen solutions with the latest technology and high standards.

Looking for branded quality for a perfect and elegant solution to your home decoration kitchen needs? Then is the place for your dream kitchen.

Our high standards of customer satisfaction service is a positive review to our commitment to excellence. Our productive and innovative facilities help you get modular kitchen designs that are unique and useful.

We take care of detailing and creating so that you are left with best choices at your disposal. A proper home kitchen helps to save up on time.

Your best choice for home kitchen designs is a dealer that pays close consideration to what the client wants. Natty decor is one of the best modular kitchen manufacturers based in delhi and gurgaon. We also serve noida and rest of NCR.

What is the price of modular kitchens?

When you are searching for best modular kitchen designs, the one thing that is on top of your mind is what will be the price of having it made?

Cost consideration is such a big point that people are always looking for cheaper ways to get what the desire. In effect sometimes people end up getting stick with standard designs that are not up to the mark.

While we all wish something that is upwards of our present situation, it is useful to always consider hiring a tested company.

Prices are something that can be moderated with control over the kind of materials that we utilise. There are actually so many types of kitchen appliances that are best choices to be tinkered with.

The hardware equipments that go well made and go along with your home interior decorations are also to be taken a look at.

Natty decor are one of the best interior designers in south west delhi and our creative kitchen designs will have you wanting for more.

It is best to look for a dealer that offers reasonable prices and a varied design portfolio.

Kitchen Applicances

Natty Decor offers cost effective solutions with a basket size that is big enough for all your ideal ideas. Our company brand offers turnkey modular kitchen sets in which we take care of everything.

For example, when you are considering built-in designer kitchens, than we even accessorise your kitchen with appliances that suit your budget.

Be it dishwasher, microwave, oven, built in fridge, chimney or any other hardware, we have you covered.

Our designer kitchens are filled with accessories upon demand. We decorate your kitchen with cookware containers, cutlery and cutlery holders, kitchen essentials, table mat, drawer mats and so on.

Trolleys, Corner hardwares, chimney, gtpt – glass tray plate tray, baskets are made to help ease your working. Sinks are equally important and nowadays, European style of kitchen designers sinks have become popular.

We offer designer built in pantries that adds a touch of luxury with ease to your order. A pantry is where you store your food and a well made pantry is flexible enough to meet all your storage needs.

Stylish Kitchens

You know there are so many types of kitchens –

  1. L-shaped
  2. Straight
  3. U-shaped
  4. Island

You can read more about it here.

Natty decor offers total kitchen solutions. We not only give you a unique functional kitchen but also provide turn around your home decor for a more useful outcome.

For example, our complete solutions includes even the room decor that houses your modular kitchen set. We even remodel kitchen in case when your old one is feeling rusty. We shall advice you whether you really need a new one and what improvements you can do in it.

In fact, the kitchen slab is actually the crowning piece in your interiors. We recommend you good choices for granite slabs that will accentuate the overall look.

Besides granite countertops, one may also choose italian marble countertops or quartz countertops. We also safeguard your kitchen against water leakage by using pvc.

In contrast, when you choose not to protect against water ruin using pvc, we suggest appropriate measures over the countertop slab and cabinets for easy maintenance and cleaning.

One must estimate the pros and cons of a designers modular kitchen vs ordinary kitchen. While a modular kitchen offers more flexibility and better cabinet storage solutions but not everyone may require it. Some may just do equally good with a simple stove with no chimney.

You can even choose a traditional kitchen appearance while going for a modern one.

Cabinets, as one of the best modular kitchen designers in South Delhi and Gurgaon, advice our clients with best cabinets. Best modular kitchens require best cabinetry solutions.

We have carpenters who are well experienced in this line of work. They hand of work is expert for a more high end work.

Therefore, natty decor is able to deliver extraordinary experience whether you choose matte finished kitchens, laminated, glass or solid wood as your preferred choice of material.

Wooden cabinets and drawers are suited to most, however mdf or hdf cabinets is also a option.

One can give high gloss finish or a glassy finish. For that, you may want to go for glass doors or polyester coated cabinet doors. Polyester polish adds a layer akin to glass.

Best kitchen ideas will require a complete outlook. One must consider the kitchen tiles, the trolleys, sink, stove, shape, layout, shelves, drawers, cupboards and other essential design elements like colors and partition.

New ideas incorporate technology like soft closing drawers and cabinets. We recommend you to try our slides shelves and cabinets for a more german kitchen look.

We even provide products like kitchen furniture according to the available space with a style to match the interiors. Standard shelf height, depth and width is important to consider.

Extra elements like rolling shutters, pantry, corners like moving corners, magic corners, s-carousels, innotech kitchen drawers and d-carousel, w corner are also available.

Mechanical gtpt for cabinets is also famous nowadays.

Best in Class

Natty decor is the top modular kitchen manufacturer in delhi and we take pride in our work.

There are different designs to a high class luxury kitchen. One can go for handless with profiles. Let us not forget the skirting.

We provide high quality handles that blend smoothly into your room decor. Any image that your have of perfection is what your achieve with professional design services.

We give original design elements like cabinet frames of aluminium or wood. We do designer moulding upon demand.

Bpo i.e bottle pull-outs are necessary even in basic traditional designs. We offer bpo and flour storage in different sizes to match your room situations.

Tray sections in under the counter are almost mandatory in modular-kitchens. Innotech drawers and tall units are essential fittings.

Try our modular kitchen design services now!

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