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We are one of the top hotel interior designers based in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR & India. Creative and innovative drawings while maintaining the leisurely atmosphere are important for luxury plan layouts. Natty Decor is an interior designing company. We are considered as the top interior designers in Delhi, NCR for Hotels. Our unique design concepts accentuate your decor.

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Modern Contemporary Room

Hotel Lobby


Lobby decor adds intrinsic value to hotels. Whether it is a simple guest house, a budget accomodation, a 3 star hotel or a luxury star hotel, lobby remains the foremost welcoming point. It is the first impression that your guests receive. A grand lobby creates a larger than life look. A simple designer lobby portrays a solemn atmosphere. Using elements of interiors like lines and spaces, we create a visual mirage.

Ground floor decor needs to be well considered. We suggest matching decorative materials so that your empty spaces are well utilised and an impactful elegance is presented.

hotel restaurant designs
stylish european seating arrangement

Hotel requires adequate seating arrangement. While kitchen & dining space management is essential, a major area to moderate is your regular seating arrangement. While waiting to check in, to have meetings, to enjoy a good book – comfortable chairs and sofas become necessary for hotels. Natty Decor develops and designs custom seating arrangements.

Hotel Restaurants and seating


A well laid out restaurant space is essential to a light dining experience. Restaurants also serve as stand alone sources of income especially for 2 star – 4 star hotels. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to supplement such an area with a pleasant atmosphere. Natty Decor helps to modulate spaces so that enough is available not just for moving about but also to stretch your legs. Choice of colors greatly affect your overall sales.

Designing Hotel rooms, Walls & Ceilings


Natty Decor decorates and designs the interiors of your rooms. We even design special rooms like a smoking room. Our team of experts not only suggests smart furniture combinations but also delivers upon it. Gym rooms and spa rooms are also delivered for prominence in facilities. Tiles, floor designs and materials, zig zag and square patterns are presented for all structural elements. Right combination of mirrors & upholstery adds a trendy flair.

hotel room interiors
Cigar Room
ceiling designs in an accomodation

We have expert artisans that deliver wall carvings, wood carvings and other decorative accentuations for your luxury hotel. Besides, good paintings and other form of architectural concepts are applied. Ceiling decor like plaster of paris, wood carvings, false ceilings and lighting with proper chandeliers are recommended.


Timely execution

We have a proven track record of timely deliverance of hotel interior projects.

Hassle Free

We even deliver the interiors that we design. For that our team of experts are available for your consideration.

Attention to Detail

Our designs are detailed according to customer considerations. This lessens the customer burdens.

Quality Control

We have tried and tested suppliers and dealers. This helps to ensure quality standards. Our team keeps a regular watch.

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