Best Restaurant Interior Designers in Delhi NCR & India

We are one of the top Restaurant interior decorators & designers in New Delhi & Gurgaon. We create exclusive decoration and innovative materials & placements to give your restaurant a more inviting look. Defining spaces and customizing with original, creative & luxury thought processes makes Natty Decor one of the best interior designers in Delhi & Gurgaon for Restaurant Interiors. We are a well recognized designing firm. Natty Decor tailors projects uniquely according to each client and delivers upon the same.

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When you are in the eatery business, you realize that service business depends a lot upon the experience you serve your clients with. For that, interior decoration becomes a must. As such looking for good designers to handle the complete project is more necessary as a single professional would be able to envision, conceptualize as well as deliver upon your dream vision. A company like Natty takes first hand initiative to help you reach your goals.

Delivering Excellence

Natty has for a long time been delivering excellence to restaurant interior designs. Our team of experts brings time and again tried methods to help accentuate the experience and atmosphere of your establishment. We take pride in our dedication to help our customers turn their business more profitable.

Restaurant Design And Decor

Whether you are running a 5 star or a simple specialty dining place, a more open and inviting interior is the first thing you need to convey. Only when your customers feel welcome, they shall wish to spend more time which in turn will result in higher billings. For this purpose, Natty not only makes detailed designs but also decorates your entire room space. We open up new avenues in your place with our genuine ideas. We provide thoughtful structures, custom furniture, lounge, wall decor etc. Even if you are looking for a budget design, Natty takes great care. We provide fabulous ideas for restaurant themes. When you want a simple yet attractive design for a family dining place, we deliver upon it with elegant and creative ideas using 2d and 3d presentations.

Customizing Furniture

We at natty are an expert at customizing furniture. You can go for elegant golden themes or the more-in-use darker themes. We furnish the entire floor with our subtle furniture and its placements. We suggest hanging elements to enhance the walls. We even deliver upon floor furnishing with decorative tiles, wooden panels and other materials. If you are opening a new establishment then you need to be aware of your prices and need somebody who can provide more at less.


We provide different elevations for high quality interiors. They include heights of doors, windows, walls, furniture. We cater them according to clients needs and provided when needed. For example, your bar counter would require a higher height than your normal dining-tables.

Color and Lighting

Many people are not really aware of the effect of colors on human psychology. Color combination alters our perception and the way we react to it. Thus, having suitable colors can lead to customers eating more while dining out. This makes all the difference whether a prospective customer chooses you or your competitor as their first preference. Natty aligns the overall look with the desired effect. Similarly, lighting plays an equally important effect – too dull an atmosphere sometimes can adversely dampen the mood and aura of the place.

Redefining Service

Natty is well known for its commitment to excellence. We let our designs do the talking. So whenever your are ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd, reach out to us. We are famous for restaurant designing in Delhi, Gurgaon & India. We provide some of the most sought after services and concepts for cafe, bar, lounge, diner, Buffet etc.