Best Bathroom Interior Designers in Delhi NCR

We are one of the top bathroom interior designers & decorators based in Delhi & Gurgaon.
Designing your washroom space to make it look appealing adds a sense of comfort to the place. Natty delivers decorative ideas so that one of the most used rooms in your house feels fabulously luxurious.

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When you decide to go for bathroom interiors that resonate with the rest of your home, it becomes imperative to contact a Professional Designer. We at Natty feel uniquely positioned so bring about the change that you are looking for. We elevate the available space with our creative inputs.

Bespoke Interiors

We take care of the entire setup. Whether you are looking for bathroom tiles, flooring, natural stone slabs, porcelain / ceramic tiles we have you covered. The overall outcome is a warm high standard look. You get a clean designer bathroom that resonates with freshness. The quality of our work speaks for itself.

Top Bathroom Design Services

The sheer size of work involved in renovating a bathroom can make a person feel ‘flushed’. That is where we come in. We take care of all your decorative needs. We put our experts to use. Professionals take care of all fittings, flooring as well as adequate space management for your toiletries and bathing area. We provide innovative water-proof storage solutions like including carvings on cabinets under the vanity and basin.

Decor with theme

Our customers can choose to go for a Victorian style look. This provides a royal bathroom aura. However, when space is limited and to meet budget prices, we give minimalist interior ideas that still make your available space shine. Illustrious classical washroom interior designs form a more luxurious look.

modern washroom with minimalist interiors
Simple washroom style in a theme

Original Bathroom Decor

Natty is your one stop solution for a complete turnkey experience. Whether it is your domestic bathroom interiors or a high end commercial one, we have you covered. Natural tiles and colors that gel well with your room is a must. Paints that do not give out foul smell are advised. It is also necessary to effectively use tiles and flooring especially suited while having water resistance. We design taking into consideration the age factor and agility of the clientele involved. Appropriate faucets, taps, shower that announce a feel of brand luxury and safety are put to use. Stylish bathtubs are suggested for spacious rooms. From safety point of view, proper holding bars with strong wall support are necessitated. To keep the elements of uniqueness, glass and other partitions are utilized.