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60-30-10 Rule in Interior Designing

The 60-30-10 rule in interior designing helps us greatly in deciding the color scheme and it’s distribution. Top Interior designers in Delhi, NCR generally use the 60-30-10 rule to designate a percentage of the overall color scheme – this implies that one color is 60%, the second is 30% while the third is 10%. Continue reading “60-30-10 Rule in Interior Designing”

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7 Elements of Interior Design

Interior designing is an art that comprises of different elements. Just like there are elements of art, there are elements of interior design which help to differentiate, visualise and plan a space and it’s surroundings.

Architects and Interior Designers worldwide use these elements to visualize and conceptualize a layout. We all come in contact with these elements in our day to day life and any creative person with the right bend towards practical visualisation, sometimes without even realising it, utilises these elements to accentuate a particular decor. Remember when you helped choose where to lay a flowerpot or hang a picture so that the room looks bigger, better? Continue reading “7 Elements of Interior Design”

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Color Psychology in Interior Design of a Restaurant

Studies have shown that colors affect how a person perceives things and reacts to it. When openening a restaurant it’s important to consider the color combinations that should be utilised so that your restaurant is perceived welcome and boosts the appetite as well as desire to spend of your clientele. Continue reading “Color Psychology in Interior Design of a Restaurant”

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How to Design a Restaurant

Finding the right design for your new restaurant project is an important question that we get asked about. What should be the color combination? How can one create a pleasing atmosphere to maximise footfall? What facilities can be accomodated? How does one decide on lighting and aura? Here’s the answer to some of your queries:-

Continue reading “How to Design a Restaurant”

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Opening a Restaurant

Opening a new restaurant is not an easy task especially when yours is not yet a recognised name. Nowadays restaurants especially Cafés have become quite popular. Cafés seem to feel like a sure shot return investment. Some even consider it as an easy ladder to riches.

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