Studies have shown that colors affect how a person perceives things and reacts to it. When openening a restaurant it’s important to consider the color combinations that should be utilised so that your restaurant is perceived welcome and boosts the appetite as well as desire to spend of your clientele.

This article shall emphasise the effects that colors have on restaurant decor and is an effort to help an owner decide what color or their combination they should opt for while designing their restaurant. There are so many shades of a given color but in this article we shall be discussing certain common colors.

Effects of colors in a restaurant:-

1) White, Beige 

Light colors like white, beige makes the look and feel of a restaurant layout more spacious than it actually is while warmer color tones have somewhat an opposite effect. Lighter colors have a psychological affect of a more calm feel which in turn makes your customers linger on longer. Customers who stay longer may in turn order more and increase you sales figures.

Lighter colors are therefore recommended for smaller spaces and a slow moving kitchen menu. In case of quick service restaurants with budget menus, lighter shades may not be recommended as you don’t want your customers to linger on longer and effect sales adversely.

White is a color that reflects all others and is associated with simplicity and purity. It is also the recommended color for restaurant ceilings. White also makes your restauant look cleaner and hygienic.

beige color chairs
  Beige Color

2) Yellow 

Yellow is considered a happy, energetic color though it’s sometimes perceived as less refined. Yellow is also an appetite stimulant – people look forward to the food they are about to have.

While lighter colors like beige are recommended but care should be taken so that your main restaurant color does not become too gaudy for example yellow or its bright tones as the main color on every wall can make the restaurant an eye sore and affect the mood of the place negatively.

An energetic person tends to eat faster therefore fast food restaurant can use yellow effectively.

McDonalds has utilised yellow in it’s logo.

yellow decor restaurant
  Yellow Decor Restaurant

3) Green Effect 

Studies have shown that adding green colors soothes and provides a relaxing environment to the people. So, having potted plants, either hanging or suitably placed, can make your customers feel more relaxed and in turn increase their appetite.

While a green color tone painted wall can be utilised, a green plant corner makes it all the more exciting adding a natural aura to the whole situation. Having vegetation outside your restaurant exterior creates an inviting look to your clients.

Green gets sub-consciously associated with fresh produce and farms and offers the feel of something organic and quality food that is healthy to the heart. Green offsets anxiety and makes one cheeful.

Brands like starbucks use green in their logo.

green chairs restaurant
  Use of Green Color

4) Purple and Blue 

Blue when used sparingly can add a sense of calmness to the atmosphere. Bar areas or disco stages can be back-lit with blue lights. Blue is generally associate with male aura.

Purple is a color that denotes royalty – royal antique look furniture can be cushioned in purple color. Since purple is associated with luxury, it will help accent your restaurant to an upscale feel. Many restaurants are known to use purple as their table cloth.

Avoid using colors like purple and blue – too much of their usage is shown to effect appetite negatively maybe because people find it difficult to associate these colors with food ( not many food items are blue).

baklit bar
  Back-Lit Bar Display – Blue & Purple
purple covered chairs
  Purple Chairs add a Royal Color Touch

5) Pink 

Whereas blue is a color associated with male aura, pink generally gets associated in creating a femine atmosphere. During ladies night, light and decor patterns can be pink to add a feminine touch to the atmosphere.

Pink generally is not recommended in a restaurant as it does not easily get associated in out thoughts with any food item. Candys are more a reminder in pink.

pink color restaurant
  Pinkish Tone Adds Feminine Touch

6) Red 

Red is associated with passion. Red offers an energising atmosphere and is quite catchy to the eye that is why restaurant names and logos are preferred in red. A red logo is easy to read. Fast food restaurants generally make good use of this color as it generates energy and excitement which makes people eat fast and leave. Red color reminds one of food and helps boost appetite and increase sales.

Maroon adds more comfort when compared to the stark red color.

KFC uses red in it’s logo.

red porch outside restaurant
  Red Porch and Chairs

7) Black 

Black color though not so commonly used is a color of authority. It adds a highlight of elegance and seriousness and a sense of professionalism. Black should be used sparingly because it can take the limelight away from your interiors and it also shrinks the layout effect of the space.

black decor restaurant
  Black Decor Restaurant

8) Orange 

Orange is a color that denotes fun and warmth. Like red, orange enthuses excitement though not as starkly as the color red does. It reminds one of fresh drinks like orange juice.

orange canopy
  Orange like Red Can be Used Outside

9) Brown 

Brown is a color that is associated with earth. You see brown almost always in coffee shop logos and their interiors. It reflects the color of coffee beans and boosts our thirst appetite. Coffee shop interiors can have brown wall panelling with delicately chosen paintings to accent their aura. Brown creates an atmosphere that is grounded, calm, subtle, serene and refined.

coffee shop
  Brown Color In Coffee Shop

Dark Brown and Forest Greens can be used for an upscaled dining experience. A restaurent whose primary clientele is more mature than young should choose such colors for a elegant dining experience.

brown decor pub
  Dark Brown Color Use In A Pub


Avoid too much contrast for example bright colors like sky blue and stark yellow with dull ones like dark green, dark orange can become too complex and is perplexing to the eye making the atmosphere unappetising.

contrast color chairs
  Too Much Contrast

A restaurant shouldn’t just invoke one emotion and a combination of colors would help to ensure a balanced psychological effect of colors in your restaurant.

To effectively Design a restaurant, one should consider hiring a professional like an interior designer.

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