What is a Security Glass? Security glass v/s toughened?

Security Glass as the name suggests is a prelude to a relatively secure glass environment that may hinder potential burglur or impact situations. Security Glass may be manufactured using poly vinyl butryl PVB or at times using toughned glass annealing with poly acrylic laminate.

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Celebrate your kitchen-versary

Ayush and tara (name changed) came to us looking to change their 7 yr old kitchen. Upon going through their kitchen and realising their exhuberance for something fresh, we suggested that going through a whole new kitchen with new hardware may be more expensive and in-effect unnecessary for an already par performance kitchen hardware. As such, we decided to go in for a more vintage look, with new colour combinations in the rusty and copper realm for a more fresh and classic look.

We first advised, the change in wall colours, then the kitchen down shutters were advised for a change from mdf to ply in the clear laminate with a random design pattern. The upper shutters with glass were advised to be replaced with coloured glass either in the golden checkered or the clear dark brown-maroonish colour. To top it off, the slab top wall was advised to be added with a gold plated or black stainless steel or iron rods for a classic touch of utensils hangers still found in the older kitchens in the northern states of india.

A kitchen-anniversary or Kitchen-versary is something to be proud of and celebrated. We left with a note of an open kitchen for their ten year Kitchen-versary!