An island kitchen is a kitchen block which is not connected to the main kitchen. It has it’s own unique standing seperate from the main block that can be used to enhance the overall space when placed and designed right.

Island kitchens have become the ‘In thing’ nowadays. The popularity of island kitchens lies behind the fact that a small area separated from the main kitchen are is placed suitably creating a ‘me space’.

This seperate space is normally freestanding and could be in sync with the kitchen or may have a seperate design scheme. A similar coloured island with different design such as engravings maybe recommended to add a certain original flair to the space.

The island maybe utilised as a work area, a separate eating counter with chairs or tall stools or just as a social gathering hub! Islands can also have storage spaces underneath it – Lighted Drawers add a different polish to such cabinets.

An island countertop may generally be the same as the rest of the kitchen or one may go for marble counters and wooden finish.

photo of kitchen island marble countertop
              Island with Marble Finish!

Island kitchens may require an adequate space so that the oven mircowave or drawers may not clash with other sides of the kitchen. This is also true for Parallel Kitchens and U-shaped Kitchens.

On the other hand, a kitchen that is too wide becomes functionally ineffecient and is time consuming.

wide kitchen
              Too wide a kitchen-all play, no work!

Island could be anything:-

1) A simple table could be an island

Plain kitchen table

2) A cooking space kitchen island

3) A moving trolley kitchen island

4) An island used as a cleaning area

kitchen sink

5) An island with big storage spaces

granite countertop wooden finish

6) An island with inbuilt stove or microwave

Blue tone inbuilt oven cabinet

Island is recommended for larger rooms with a spacious feel while it may also be added as a small round island in smaller rooms:-

small round table

An island may have multi layers so that while one layer is used as cooking and cleaning area the other maybe used as a seating arrangement:-

raised counter red stools

An island need not be rectangle in shape and can be adjusted according to requirements:-

blue kitchen with narrow slabs

There could be numerous combinations of islands – an effective measurement of space and usage is needed to design the perfect island for a particular kitchen!

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